Homeschool “NOT Back to School” pictures!

How To Take "NOT Back To School" Pictures Hey Wanderers! This month we started our 4th homeschool year.  (JULY, already?!)  We work on a 4-weeks-on/1-week-off schedule starting mid-July every year.  We usually end around mid-May.  Each year, I always take "Back to School" pictures on our official first day.  Usually, I take the same old,… Continue reading Homeschool “NOT Back to School” pictures!

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DIY “Back To School” Schultüten

Hey Wanderers, Does your family have any "Back to School" traditions? In our family, we start each school year off with giving the kids a German Schultüte! What are Schultüten, you ask?  A Schultüte is a cone-shaped gift for children filled with school supplies and goodies to "sweeten" their first day of school. It's a… Continue reading DIY “Back To School” Schultüten