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DIY “Back To School” Schultüten

Hey Wanderers, Does your family have any "Back to School" traditions? In our family, we start each school year off with giving the kids a German Schultüte! What are Schultüten, you ask?  A Schultüte is a cone-shaped gift for children filled with school supplies and goodies to "sweeten" their first day of school. It's a… Continue reading DIY “Back To School” Schultüten

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Technology-free Road Trip Activities

Hey Wanderers! I just want to say kids these days have it E-A-S-Y when it comes to road trips!  Our family travels countless hours a month in the car from our hometown and back which is 2 hours away.  We are very close with our extended family and go "home" to visit A LOT!  Last… Continue reading Technology-free Road Trip Activities

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DIY Solar Eclipse Shirts

DIY Solar Eclipse T-shirts This Monday, August 21st, the US will experience a coast-to-coast solar eclipse. My family and I live near Nashville, TN and just happen to be in the path of Totality when the eclipse passes over our area. To commemorate the event, our family wanted to create Eclipse Shirts to wear for… Continue reading DIY Solar Eclipse Shirts