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HP Instant Ink~ w/ Free Month trial referral link!

Hey Wanderers! Today I want to tell you about one of my secret weapons of Homeschooling... HP Instant Ink! I know it may sound silly to LOVE an ink program, but let me tell you why I love it. Since we started homeschooling, our printing needs have grown exponentially.  I'm a BIG fan of … Continue reading HP Instant Ink~ w/ Free Month trial referral link!

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Technology-free Road Trip Activities

Hey Wanderers! I just want to say kids these days have it E-A-S-Y when it comes to road trips!  Our family travels countless hours a month in the car from our hometown and back which is 2 hours away.  We are very close with our extended family and go "home" to visit A LOT!  Last… Continue reading Technology-free Road Trip Activities

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FREE- Christmas Closet “Do Not Enter” Sign

Hey Wanderers, I don't know about you, but every year around this time my closet becomes Ground Zero for Christmas Present stashing.  At the same time, my children seem to come up with the most amazing excuses of why they need to go into my closet (ie. I forgot my brush in there, I need… Continue reading FREE- Christmas Closet “Do Not Enter” Sign

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Novel Studies

Along with physical traveling, I like to engage my kids in "mental" traveling in the form of Novel Studies.  I love the idea of picking engaging books that will interest my kids and have them do a little deeper thinking while they're at it.  We started this last year.  I tried getting them to do… Continue reading Novel Studies