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DIY “Back To School” Schultüten

Hey Wanderers,

Does your family have any “Back to School” traditions? In our family, we start each school year off with giving the kids a German Schultüte!

What are Schultüten, you ask?  A Schultüte is a cone-shaped gift for children filled with school supplies and goodies to “sweeten” their first day of school. It’s a German “1st day of school” tradition.

We started this tradition 4 years ago when we started homeschooling.  I wanted something fun to celebrate our new routine of homeschooling that would get the kids excited for our new educational journey.  After browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon the German tradition of Schultüten.   I instantly fell in love with the idea since my maternal grandmother’s side is German!  Immediately, I headed to the store to start finding goodies and school supplies!


How to Make a Schultüte

To make a schultüte,

1)   I glued wrapping paper to cover a piece of poster board, then trimmed around the edges.  (you don’t have to do this step if you buy colored poster board or want to decorate it with other things like stickers, etc.)

2)  Roll the poster board into a cone shape.

3)  Secure the cone with clear packaging tape (or hot glue) and cut the top into a straight line.

 3a) Optional Step: attach a “collar” around the top of the cone.  I stapled a bulletin board border around the top.)

4)  Hot glue (or use double-sided tape) to attach tissue paper sheets around the inside of the top of the cone.  (I’ve also used plastic table cloth pieces instead of tissue paper in a pinch.)

5)  Fill with school supplies and goodies.

 5a) Optional Step: I made tags for some of the items in my schultüten.  You can download the tags HERE>>>Schuletuten Labels.

6)  Use tulle, ribbon, or string to gather the tissue paper and tie in a bow.   As you can see, I used tulle.


Ideas for Fillers

To fill the cones, I found majority of the school supplies and goodies I needed at the Dollar Tree. I made chalkboard tags for some of the items. Feel free to print them off for FREE here>>>Schuletuten Labels!



Decorating Your Schultüte

I created and printed off a label I made on the computer to put on the front of each cone.  You can use scrapbook letter stickers or markers to put your child’s name on their Schultüte.

In the first couple of years, I made smaller Schultüten out of decorated file folders I found at the Dollar Tree. Instead of attaching tissue paper to the top, I just placed it in the top like a gift bag.  Worked just fine.  For smaller schultüten, you can add a ribbon handle for convenience and decoration.

My kids can’t wait for the beginning of our school year now, thanks to these Schultüten!

If you choose to make a Schultüten for your kiddos, please leave a picture of it in the comment section below!  I’d love to see them!!


Happy Wandering!


*I am not a paid advertiser or affiliate of anything written in this post.  I truly just want to share my experiences in hopes it’ll help other homeschoolers/families make the most of their time together.  If you have any comments or questions, please post them below or email me at  Thanks for visiting!

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