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DIY Homeschool P.E.

Hey Wanderers!

If you are wondering how to get your kids moving and add more P.E. to your homeschool day, then take a look at this idea!  

I have to share with you an activity I found on Teachers Pay Teachers and how I implemented it into our homeschool routine.


While scrolling through TPT one day, I stumbled upon this P.E. Circuits {Exercise Activity Stations} activity by Making Lemonade in 2nd Grade.  Genius!!  I quickly purchased the digital file and got to work.  Each excercise page comes in 2 formats: white background with a colorful frame or just plain black and white.  I chose to print the black and white pages on bright colored card stock.  I printed the same exercise on the front and back of the page then laminated each one for durability.  Using a 3-hole punch, I punched holes in the top of the laminated page then attached large paper clips into the holes.  Afterwards, I made a quick run to the Dollar Tree and bought about 12 garden flag stakes (all they had!) for $1 each.  The finished project looked like this:

Don’t look to hard at my lush, green grass (or lack there of).  We’re working on it.  Ha!

To store all of them, I just found an empty 5 gallon bucket in my garage and threw it all in.  It holds all of the garden stakes, stretch/exercise signs, and the jump ropes and bean bags required to do some of the exercises.


There are a total of 6 stretches and 12 circuit exercises.  We have some AWESOME friends in the neighborhood that homeschool as well so they come and exercise with us.  The kids have more fun with friends around and the mommas enjoy the fresh air and conversation, so it’s a win/win.  Each time we use these circuits to do P.E., I put out all the stretches down the driveway and have the kids start there for about 5 minutes.  Then, I divide up the kids into 2 groups (usually boys in one group and girls in another).  I’ll have one group start at one end of the stakes on the sidewalk and the other group start at the opposite end.  We set a timer for about 3 minutes and yell “Go!”.  When the timer goes off they switch to the next circuit exercise.  I do not use the same ones every time.  I only set out about 6 exercises each time.  The next time, I’ll switch it up so they don’t get bored or burned out of a certain exercise.



At this time, we use these exercises about 1-2 times every couple of weeks.  My kids participate in a local Homeschool P.E. program which has activities every 2 weeks during the school year.  It is a great program that the kiddos enjoy going to.

Wandering Momma Tip:

*Look into your local Parks and Recreation Dept for the city or town you live in to see if they offer any homeschool programs.

Larger towns probably will.  Our town is growing rapidly and just started hosting homeschool classes last year.  It has been awesome!

*Switch up local homeschool P.E. classes with your own exercise activities (i.e. circuit exercises, trail hiking, neighborhood walks, roller skating) to prevent burnout and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Do you have an exercise program that your kids love? Know of any awesome places to “WANDER”?  Please post them in the comments.  I love reading feedback!

*I am not a paid advertiser or affiliate of anything written in my posts.  I truly just want to share my experiences in hopes it’ll help other homeschoolers/families make the most of their time together.  If you have any comments or questions, please post them below or email me at  Thanks for visiting!



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