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Family Field Trip: Showcase of Citrus

Hey Wanderers!

   Recently our family visited the Orlando area and had our beach plans thrown off course due to rain and Red Tide.  🙁  While browsing Groupon, my mom stumbled upon Showcase of Citrus near the Orlando area. I’m so glad we agreed to take the kids.  It turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip!   How many people can say they’ve ridden a Monster Truck through an Orange Grove?! Well, now we can check that off our bucket list!

Showcase of Citrus is located about 20 minutes outside of Orlando.  If you plan on visiting, be sure to wear sunscreen and sturdy shoes.  Take a couple bottles of water for the trip through the grove/farm.  It’s about a 45 minute tour and there’s not exactly air conditioning on the monster trucks.  Lol!  

This trip offered lots of opportunities for discussions on different kinds of citrus, fertilizer processing, different species of animals, Florida climate, etc.  The teacher in me just squealed while riding through the swamp, hunting for different wildlife and alligator nesting grounds!

I know this experience is one my kids will remember for a long time!

Do you have any great ideas for excursions off the beaten path?!  Please share in the comments below.

As Always,

Happy Wandering!

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