Homeschool “NOT Back to School” pictures!

How To Take “NOT Back To School” Pictures

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This month we started our 4th homeschool year.  (JULY, already?!)  We work on a 4-weeks-on/1-week-off schedule starting mid-July every year.  We usually end around mid-May.  Each year, I always take “Back to School” pictures on our official first day.  Usually, I take the same old, same old pictures of the kids holding up grade level signs, but this year I wanted to be different.  We’re not public-schoolers.  Sometimes our grades levels overlap, and we don’t do typical school, so why not do pictures that express our flexibility as homeschoolers?!  I decided to take “NOT Back to School” pictures to express how freeing homeschooling can be!  Our pictures were taken… at our neighborhood pool!

I decided to make a post about them for a couple of reasons: 1) to inspire other homeschool families to think outside of the box when it comes to “Back To School” pictures, and 2) in hopes that if any of you have original and inspiring “Back To School” pictures, that you’ll post them in the comments section to inspire me and others for next year!


First, you’ll want to gather some props.  Since I knew I wanted to take the pictures by the pool, I had to think of things that could get wet and preferably could float.  I also wanted it to look “school-y”.  Inspiration struck when I found a Pinterest tutorial on how to make pool noodles into pencils.  Honestly, I forgot to repin the pin to share with you, but it’s pretty simple to do.

  • I bought 3 pool noodles at the Dollar Tree. (I had an old, faded red one in the garage I used for the eraser ends)
  • With a kitchen knife, I cut them down a bit so they wouldn’t be as long.
  • With the same kitchen knife, I shaved one end of each noodle to crudely represent a point.  (Don’t spend a lot of time on this, it doesn’t have to be perfect.)
  • Next, I took a Sharpie marker and colored the tips of the pencils.
  • Then, I drew 4 lines down the sides of the pencils.
  • Afterwards, I dug the faded, red pool noodle out of the garage and cut some 8-ish inch lengths out of it.
  • Finally, I duct-taped the eraser ends onto the pencil ends with gray/silver duct tape.

Super easy and not a lot of time needed.  That’s my kind of project! 

I also found these inflatable globes on Amazon to go with my pool noodle pencils.

My good friend, Sandy, let me borrow her precious chalkboard she bought from Hobby Lobby.  (I have got to get me one of these!)

 “NOT Back to School” Pictures

Going to school! Lol!

Every year we’ve been homeschooling, I’ve made these Schultüten for the kids.  You can read more about them HERE!

And of course, don’t forget to include some of your best homeschool friends!


I wanted to add some new “Not Back to School” pictures to give you more ideas!  Hope you like these and they inspire you to take your own!

Back to school Fishing with bobbers painted like globes!

Tie Dye shirts for the 1st day of school!

Have a color blast fight on the first day of school!  I found the color powder at Walmart in a kit for $10.

I hope this post inspired you to take some unique “NOT Back To School” Homeschool pictures!  If so or if you have taken some fun ones in the past, please leave them in the comment section below to inspire all of us for next year!

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Happy Wandering!

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