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HP Instant Ink~ w/ Free Month trial referral link!

Hey Wanderers!

Today I want to tell you about one of my secret weapons of Homeschooling… HP Instant Ink!

I know it may sound silly to LOVE an ink program, but let me tell you why I love it. Since we started homeschooling, our printing needs have grown exponentially.  I’m a BIG fan of  It’s a website that sells digital items made by teachers for other classrooms. You can buy just about anything on there, but they also have a ton of FREE resources.  And I print as much as I can from them!

Every year I print portfolios, report cards, bookmarks, novel studies, games, articles, etc.  HP Instant Ink has saved us hundreds since we started homeschooling.  I don’t have to worry about running out of ink. My printer is connected to HP and tells them when I’m running low. They send me color and black ink before I need it.

HP Instant Ink is a subscription service comprised of 3 different billing plans:


$2.99 a month

For up to 50 pages

Each additional set of 15 pages for just $1.00


$4.99 a month

For up to 100 pages

Each additional set of 20 pages for just $1.00

FREQUENT PRINTING<< (this would be me!)

$9.99 a month

For up to 300 pages

Each additional set of 25 pages for just $1.00


The best part about the plan is that if you don’t use all of your pages, the remaining amount rolls over to the next month!  We use the Frequent Printing plan for $9.99 a month, because I don’t want to worry about going over my limit.  I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually gone over 300 pages a month AND over the rollover pages since we started using HP Instant Ink.


As well as being extremely affordable, they offer incentive plans to help curb costs.

Enjoy 1 FREE month of HP Instant Ink for every friend who signs up.

Your friend also gets 1 FREE month of service.

They give you a code to share when you sign up.  You can share it with friends and if they sign up, you both get a month free!  Here is my link if you’d like to try it for a FREE month:


Hope you enjoyed this post!  Feel free to share it or leave me a comment in the section below.  I hope you enjoy using this resource as much as I do!
As Always,

Happy Wandering!

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