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Solar Eclipse Party

Hey Wanderers!

   I hope you all had a great time watching the Solar Eclipse last Monday!  We had a few family friends over.  A total of 4 Mommas and 17 kiddos altogether were here at our house to gaze at the once in a lifetime event.  Our house happened to be in the path of totality in Middle Tennessee.  My kids and I wore our Solar Eclipse Shirts we made.

 You can see a post about that HERE.  We ordered pizzas and ate sun and moon inspired snacks, which included Moon Pies, Sun Chips, Star Crunches, Sun Drop cola, and Capri Suns.  We also brought back some Solar Eclipse Root Beer from our favorite restaurant in St. Louis called Fitz’s.

Some of our Eclipse-inspired snacks.

One of my best friends from Chattanooga came to celebrate with us and brought the cutest solar eclipse cookies from her bakery.  If you are ever in Chattanooga, swing by B’s Sweets at the foot of Signal Mountain and check out her delicious selection of goodies.  (I highly recommend the chocolate eclairs!)

Solar Eclipse Cookies from B’s Sweets in Chattanooga

How did you celebrate the Eclipse?!

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