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Technology-free Road Trip Activities

Hey Wanderers!

I just want to say kids these days have it E-A-S-Y when it comes to road trips!  Our family travels countless hours a month in the car from our hometown and back which is 2 hours away.  We are very close with our extended family and go “home” to visit A LOT!  Last year, we bought a new-to-us vehicle because my old one had a bunch of miles on it and needed to be replaced.  Our new car has a ton of room for the kids, DVD players, video game ports, you name it!  I’m thinking to myself as we’re buying the car, “These kids are going to LOVE car rides!  There’s so much for them to do!”  Fast forward 3-4 weeks after purchase of said new car and I hear complaints about being bored coming from the back seat. 🙁  *sigh*  It was nice while it lasted.  After having a “Come-to-Jesus” meeting with the kids on one of these road trips back home, I decided that technology on road trips, like anything else, will lose it’s shine after awhile and I will need to have technology-free options available to help pass the time.  Cue scouring the house for: interesting books, a baggie of a few legos (Just a FEW!), Sticker books, notebooks and pencils, etc.

Creating a Writing Station in the Car

While looking through our Homeschool Cabinet, I came across some plastic sleeves I used in my classroom at the Writing Center.  PERFECT!  I started looking on the internet for age/grade-appropriate worksheets that I could slide into these plastic sleeves.  The kids could change out whichever worksheet they wanted to do and then use dry-erase markers to draw on them!  They worked great for a while.  The sleeves I found in my cabinet got so used they started to rip.  I just happened to find some new plastic sleeves in the Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago and snatched them up!  I bought 3 different colored plastic sleeves so there would be no fighting, I mean the kids could easily identify which set of papers belonged to them! 😉

Many websites like have LOTS of worksheets and digital products you could print out and put in those sleeves for long car trips. recently reached out to me to offer my readers a fun and FREE worksheet to use with your kiddos!  Click on the images or links below to download them to your computer.


word search_snorkeling           word search_snorkeling_answers

Your kids will have a blast as they search for these spelling words hidden in this word search. Swim on over to for more learning resources and printables just like this.

I’ve also created a few FREE worksheets as well to get you started on creating your own Writing Station in the car.  Just click on the images below to download them.


More Activities for Road Trips

Recently, I came across a video by FamilyFun Magazine for some ideas for the kids to do in the car.  I shared it on my Facebook page.  You can also view it below.  It’s a little lengthy, but goes into detail about a vinyl rope craft, hand knitting, and DIY busy books.  The Busy Books are similar to the plastic sleeves I mentioned earlier!  Both are great options for kiddos.  Just work with the space you have in your vehicle.  I’m definitely showing my daughter the hand knitting.  It looks super simple and I think she’ll love it.

So, do you have any great ideas that work for your kids on long road trips?!  Please share below in the comment section.  I love the feedback!

Happy Wandering!

*I am not a paid advertiser or affiliate of anything written in my posts.  I truly just want to share my experiences in hopes it’ll help other homeschoolers/families make the most of their time together.  If you have any comments or questions, please post them below or email me at  Thanks for visiting!


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