Wandering Homeschoolers Curriculum Commentary: Song School Latin Book 1

Photo Credit: Classical Academic Press

Curriculum Commentary:

A Review of Song School Latin Book 1


Salve Wanderers!

(That’s “Hello” in Latin!)

Today, I want to share with you a curriculum that I think is PHENOMENAL and will help many of you to teach your children Latin!

Song School Latin: Book 1 is part of a 2-book series.  I purchased the first book package to introduce my two older kids to Latin and root words when we first decided to homeschool.  At the time they were in 2nd and 5th grades.  The suggested age for Book 1 is 1-3rd grades.  It is geared toward younger grades, but both my kiddos enjoyed it.  It was their favorite subject of the day!

Photo Credit: Classical Academic Press
Photo Credit: Classical Academic Press

The Song School Latin: Book 1 includes 1 Teacher Manual, 1 Student Manual, 1 CD with Latin songs, 1 DVD set, and 1 Latin Memory Card Game.

When we used this curriculum, we found it best to do one chapter a week.  Our week typically looked like this: Monday– Watch DVD for the chapter we were working on and discuss, Tuesday– Do first 2-3 pages in workbook and listen to Latin songs on CD, Wednesday– Do rest of the pages in chapter (1-2 pages) and play Card game, Thursday– Review and play Card game.  Fridays we had off, but many times they requested to watch the video again or play the card game.  Workbook pages include writing the vocabulary for that week, determining the correct word (past, present or future tense of the Latin word), word to picture matching, and writing their own stories while including the Latin words they’ve learned.  The Video for the week included a storyline of a little boy and his pet monkey which incorporated the words of the week and then continued on to the next week.  It also included a brief synopsis of the derivatives of the Latin words into Spanish, French, and English.  The overall program is VERY well done!

This curriculum is fun and engaging for students of all ages!  I even learned a thing or two.  Even now, my kids are in 4th and 7th grades and will find words used in their language curriculums that they remember the roots to from Latin!  To me, that is SUCCESS!  This curriculum did exactly what I intended it to do~ peak their interest in and give them an introduction to Latin and root words.

If you’d like to look more into Song School Latin: Book 1, please check out the Classical Academic Press webpage HERE or click on any of the pictures.

*I am NOT an affiliate.  I do not get compensated for referrals from my site.  We just really enjoyed this curriculum and wanted to share the joy of it with others.  Thanks for your time checking out my blog!

Vale, Wanderers!

(That’s Good Bye in Latin! 😉  )


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